San Antonio Federal Drug Cases Defense.

How Federal Drug Laws work and Criminal Defense Options.

21 USC § 841 makes it a crime to possess with intent drugs. This includes cocaine, heroin, and meth. On top of that, 21 USC § 846 It is also a crime for a person to conspire with other people to deal drugs.

Our video on federal drug cases shows you how these drug laws work. In particular, we cover 4 topics:

  1. How federal drug laws work;
  2. What it means to “possess” a drug;
  3. We describe the law on drug conspiracies and the legal way to get out of a drug deal; and
  4. Safety valve and 5K1.1 Motions for Substantial Assistance.

In sum, the video answers the most common questions that come up in drug cases. We also provide an example of how someone can be in possession of a drug. Most important of all, the video shows you how safety valve and 5K1.1 can help lower your jail term.

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