3553a Sentencing Factors.

Federal sentencing is almost always the biggest part of a criminal case. That’s when the judge decides what to do in a case. Does he send you to jail? If so, then for how long? Or does he give you probation?

But that raises an important question. How does a judge make that decision? Our video below will walk you through this process. It covers the following topics:

  1. What to expect in the interview with the Probation Officer;
  2. Your PSR or PSI report;
  3. Allocution, i.e., what to tell the judge before you are sentenced; and
  4. How to use the 3553a sentencing factors to ask for less jail time.

In sum, there is no silver bullet that will guarantee you will get a lower jail term. But there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting less time.

Federal Sentencing and You.

Attorney Genaro R. Cortez shows you how to use the 3553a factors to ask a judge for less jail time.

Most important of all, the 3553a sentencing factors give you a chance to help yourself. These factors allow your attorney to humanize you and put your case in its proper context. And you can use the 3553a factors to ask for less jail time in gun cases, drug cases, and first-time alien smuggling cases.

When used properly by the defense, the 3553a factors put you in a great position to get the best results possible. Check out our video above to see how this works.

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