Top-Rated San Antonio DWI, DUI, and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

State and Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases

Federal Drug Conspiracy Lawyer San Antonio Defense

  • Defend clients charged with State and Federal drug crimes;
  • Accept State and Federal Drug Conspiracy charges;
  • Represent clients charged with Federal Methamphetamine Charges;
  • Help clients qualify for Safety-Valve Protection and 5K1.1 Substantial-Assistance Relief; and
  • Handle simple drug possession crimes.

State and Federal Money Laundering Offenses.

San Antonio Money Laundering Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Transaction Money Laundering charges;
  • Transportation Money Laundering crimes;
  • Government Sting Operations; and
  • Bulk-Cash Smuggling violations.
State and Federal Firearms Offenses

San Antonio, Texas Federal Firearms Criminal Defense

  • Represent clients charged with state or federal gun crimes;
  • Defend clients charged with Felon-in-Possession Gun Crimes;
  • Help with Gun-Smuggling Charges and Straw-Purchase Crimes; and
  • 18 USC 924(c) gun crimes. (Using a gun during a crime of violence or a drug-trafficking offense.)
White Collar Crimes

San Antonio White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Embezzlement;
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Insurance Fraud;
  • Bank Fraud;
  • Health-Care Fraud;
  • Mail and Wire Fraud;
  • Ponzi Schemes; and
  • Good-faith defenses.