Top-Rated San Antonio DWI, DUI, and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

San Antonio Drug Defense Attorney Genaro R. Cortez. Poss. CS PG 1-4.

Federal Drug Lawyer in San Antonio.

  • Help with federal drug charges;
  • Federal drug conspiracy defense;
  • Federal methamphetamine drug crimes;
  • Help clients qualify for Safety-Valve Protection and 5K1.1 Substantial-Assistance Relief; and
  • Handle simple drug possession crimes.

San Antonio State and Federal Money Laundering Crimes Attorney Genaro R. Cortez.

Money Laundering Criminal Defense in Texas.

  • Transaction money laundering charges;
  • Transportation money laundering crimes;
  • Government sting operations;
  • Smuggling money out of the country in hidden compartments; and
  • Bulk-cash smuggling crimes.
San Antonio Felon in Possession Defense Attorney Genaro R. Cortez.

Gun Crimes Attorney in San Antonio.

  • Federal gun charges in South Texas;
  • 18 USC 922(g)(1) federal felon-in-possession gun crimes;
  • Tex. Pen. Code § 46.04(a) Texas felon-in-possession gun charges in San Antonio; 
  • Straw-purchase gun crimes;
  • Gun-smuggling crimes; and
  • 18 USC § 924(c) gun crimes.