What is the Bexar County Satellite Office?

The Bexar County Satellite Office lets people with warrants walk into the courthouse and bond out quickly. In other words, the office books you into the system, pulls your warrant, and lets you bond out without going to “jail.” This can save you time, headaches, and embarrassment.

But there are some things to know before you use the satellite office. This post will show you how the satellite office works and how to bond out at the courthouse.

What is a satellite bond?

There is no such thing as a satellite bond. You must pay a bond company or lawyer to post your bond. Once you do this, then you can take your bond paperwork to the satellite office and bond out. And you should do this before you turn yourself into the satellite office. Otherwise, you will end up in jail until someone bonds you out.

How to bond out using the satellite office?

Time needed: 4 hours.

Steps to bond out using the Bexar County Satellite Office.

  1. Post a bail bond.

    Hire a bond company or lawyer to post your bond. You should do this before you turn yourself into the satellite office.

    The bond paperwork must be written exactly as it is on the warrant. The bond must also state the crime charged. And the paperwork must state the bond amount.

    Finally, you must have triplicate copies of the bond. The original plus two copies. Your bonds person or lawyer will provide you with all this paperwork. But you should double check it before you go to the satellite office.

  2. Bring a $15.00 money order.

    Get a $15.00 money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.” Do not write anything else on the payable line. If you have two or more warrants, then get a second money order for $15.00.

  3. Have a valid ID, Driver’s License, or Passport.

    You must have a current form of picture identification. Student ID’s are not allowed.
    Examples of IDs that you can use include driver’s licenses, U.S. Passports, U.S. Military IDs, US Permanent Resident Cards, and Border Crossing Cards.

  4. Provide two references.

    You need two references of people who do not live with you or with each other. You can bring your cellphone to the satellite office for this purpose.

  5. Turn yourself into the Bexar County Satellite Office.

    The satellite office is located at 100 Dolorosa Street, B 10.2, San Antonio, Texas 78205. It is located in the basement of the old courthouse. (This is the courthouse where you go for a divorce or child-support hearings.) Their office number is 210-335-2592.

Who cannot use the satellite office to bond out?

The satellite office cannot take the following types of cases:

  • sex crimes of any type or degree;
  • out of county warrants;
  • out of state warrants;
  • some cases that are not assigned to a court; and
  • cases that require GPS as a condition of bond. (But there are some exceptions.)

What else should I know about the Satellite Office?

The satellite office has two time slots to turn yourself in. They are 8 to 9 AM and 1 to 1:30 PM. You should get to the office early. Otherwise, if the office is full, then you will have to come back the next day. Worse yet, they can take you into custody because you have an active warrant.

Finally, get a friend or family member to drive you to the courthouse. Sometimes problems arise during the booking process that will delay when you get out. This makes it risky to park at a meter downtown.

Do I need a lawyer to use the Satellite Office?

No. But I recommend you have a lawyer before you go to the satellite office. This is because in some cases, problems come up. And you may need a lawyer to help get a bond set or straighten out any kinks that pop up during the process.

Need a bond set to get a satellite bond?

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