About Attorney Genaro R. Cortez.

Attorney Genaro R. Cortez

Genaro Cortez is a top-tier DWI, DUI, and Federal Defense Attorney in San Antonio. Since 2003, Genaro has helped clients get not guilty verdicts in both state and federal court. In addition, he helps clients arrested for drug offenses, DWI and DUI violations, and gun charges.

But most importantly, Genaro’s goal is to help people get the best outcome in their case. In short, Genaro loves to help people. And he believes the best feeling in the world is to help a client get out of a tough spot.    

Genaro’s Background.

Genaro is a San Antonio native. He graduated from Thomas A. Edison High School in 1995. After high school, Genaro went to The University of Texas at Austin. He graduated from UT in 1999 with a degree in Economics.

Soon after, Dell Financial Services (DFS) hired Genaro as an accountant. He worked at DFS for one year. Then in 2000, he enrolled at Texas Tech University School of Law. Genaro graduated from law school in December 2002. And he passed the bar exam in the Spring of 2003. 

In 2004, Genaro started his own law firm in San Antonio, Texas.  It is located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.  Further, Genaro handles criminal cases all over Texas. He regularly travels to Houston, Austin, and Laredo to help clients. 

Help with First-Time DWI and DUI Arrests.

Genaro helps clients arrested for first-time DWI and DUI cases in San Antonio. This includes fighting the DWI or DUI charge, ALR defense, and getting clients an occupational license. Most importantly, his firm charges a flat fee that covers all these services.

Criminal Defense for First-Time Alien Smuggling Arrests, Drug charges, and Gun crimes.

Further, Genaro helps people arrested for gun, drug, or alien-smuggling crimes along the Texas-Mexico border. For this reason, his service areas include San Antonio, Laredo, Houston, and El Paso.

Flat Fees for DWI, DUI, and Federal Criminal Cases.

Genaro’s goal is to compete on both price and value. This means two things. First, his fees fit most budgets. Second, he provides high-quality legal services. And his goal in every case is to make sure every client gets a topflight defense.

Call Today to talk about your DWI, DUI, or Federal Case.

Do you have questions about your DWI, DUI, or federal criminal case? Call today. We want to hear about your case. And we want to help. The consultations are always free and confidential.

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