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Genaro R. Cortez is an experienced criminal defense attorney committed to fighting injustice.  Genaro R. Cortez personally handles all his cases.  He will answer your questions and guide you through the criminal-justice system.  More importantly, Genaro R. Cortez will be your voice and advocate in court.  And he will communicate your story of innocence to the judge and jury.

Aggressive Criminal Defense For Every Client.

Genaro R. Cortez earned his law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law in December 2002.  He  obtained his law license on May 5, 2003.  Since then, his goal is to always provide aggressive criminal defense for every client.

Experienced Criminal-Justice Attorney.

Genaro R. Cortez handles all levels of state and federal cases, including:

Further, if you need to take your case to trial, then Genaro R. Cortez can help.  His experience includes obtaining Not Guilty verdicts for clients in state and federal court.

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If you have a criminal case in San Antonio or South Texas, then call Genaro R. Cortez today.  He will evaluate your case and discuss your options.

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Practice Areas
  • State and Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases.
  • Money Laundering Offenses.
  • State and Federal Firearms Offenses.
  • DWI and Intoxication Offenses.
  • Immigration Offenses.
  • White Collar Crimes.
Professional Memberships
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Practice Areas

State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Immigration Offenses including human trafficking and Illegal Reentry.

Immigration Offenses

  • Alien Smuggling and Harboring Cases;
  • Stash-House Operators;
  • Load Drivers;
  • Foot guides; and
  • Illegal Reentry Cases
State and Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases

State and Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases

  • Defend clients accused of distributing drugs for gangs and international drug cartels; and
  • Handle all types of drug cases including cocaine, heroin, and meth-actual prosecutions
White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes

  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting;
  • Insurance Fraud;
  • Bank Fraud;
  • Health-Care Fraud;
  • Mail and Wire Fraud; and
  • Ponzi Schemes


C. H.

Mr Cortez took over a trafficking of Marijuana case for me I was facing numerous amounts of years in prison. He was completely on top of his game he kept in touch through the process and was willing to fight for me when everyone else was telling me I was going do time no matter what. He was extremely knowledgeable and very curious he gave me hope when there was none to be had he was a gift from god. To make along story short I went from five years to one year to as of January 19 I was a completely free man . I had never been in any type trouble in my entire life I made one bad decision out of my life as a adult long story short if you feel as if you are helpless and are going to be put in a life changing charge in the court system I urge you please give this man a chance he will benefit you like know one else can. I give this attorney 5 stars the only bad choice you could have in life would be overlooking this attorney. God bless you Mr Cortez and for everyone else out there that needs help hire this man cause in the end all we have is choices so make the right one for once and hire this nan. Again thanks for sticking bye me when all else was lost god bless you and america…

J. G.

Genaro worked on my case with professionalism, compassion, and clear intent; I always knew where I stood. My final disposition got the most onerous charge dropped and deferred adjudication for the remaining charge, but without a lot of the restrictions that normally come with a plea deal of this kind. Though I could have successfully gone to trial, Genaro gave me clear alternatives that got rid of my legal issues without any pain and harm to me professionally and reputationally.

A. L.

Genaro, worked on a serious case for me involving assault with bodily injury. He was very professional and easy to work with. He was extremely prepared and the case was dismissed! It was easy to see he handled everything like a true professional both inside and outside the court room and his pricing was very reasonable! I’ll definitely use him again, but hopefully will not have to.

R. A.

Was very helpful, would respond to any questions i had and at the end got me a really good deal that worked for me. Will definitely refer anyone i know to him.


DUI Defense

Police arrest thousands of motorists each year on suspicion of DUI. But not all motorists are convicted of DUI. The main reason is a strong DUI Defense.

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Assault and Battery

Simple assault in Texas includes the common-law crimes of assault and battery. These are misdemeanor offenses.

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Possession In Criminal Law

The legal definition of "possession" is critical in drug and gun cases. It requires the Government to prove two things--control and knowledge. And if the Government cannot prove this, then defendant is innocent.

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