Top-Rated San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney.

Genaro R. Cortez is a top-rated San Antonio criminal defense attorney.  He enjoys helping clients fight for their freedom and future.  This is why he personally handles all his cases.  In addition, Attorney Genaro R. Cortez will always give you honest answers and objective advice.   

Most importantly, he will be your voice and advocate in court.  He will guide you through the criminal-justice system.  And he will communicate your story of innocence to the judge and jury.

Aggressive and Affordable Criminal Defense For Every Client in San Antonio and South Texas.

We help clients all over South Texas.  Our service areas include San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Laredo, Del Rio, and El Paso.  Above all, our goal in every case is to provide a top-tier criminal defense at an affordable price.      

Additionally, the Law Office of Genaro R. Cortez, P.L.L.C. handles all types of felony and misdemeanor cases, including:

Drug Cases:
Gun and Weapons Offenses:
  • Felon-In-Possession Gun Charges;
  • Using or Possessing a Firearm in Furtherance of a Drug-Trafficking Crime; and
  • Undocumented aliens who possess a firearm.  
White-Collar Criminal Defense:
DWI and DUI Defense:
Immigration Crimes:
Assault Crimes:
  • Assault and Battery;
  • Family-Violence Crimes;
  • Protective-Order Violations; and
  • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.
Motions to Revoke and Motions to Suppress:

Further, if you need to take your case to trial, then Genaro R. Cortez can help. His experience includes getting Not Guilty verdicts in state and federal court.

Request a Free Case Evaluation.  Hire an Aggressive and Affordable Criminal Defense Lawyer.

If you have a criminal case in San Antonio or South Texas, then call Genaro R. Cortez today.  He will evaluate your case and discuss your options.  He will also compete on both price and value.  This means you always get a top-rated criminal defense at an affordable price.  

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Practice Areas
  • State and Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases.
  • Money Laundering Offenses.
  • State and Federal Firearms Offenses.
  • DWI and Intoxication Offenses.
  • Immigration Offenses.
  • White Collar Crimes.
Professional Memberships
Bar Admissions

Practice Areas

State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

State and Federal Money Laundering Offenses.

Money Laundering Offenses

  • Transaction Money Laundering charges;
  • Transportation Money Laundering crimes;
  • Government Sting Operations; and
  • Bulk-Cash Smuggling violations.


R. A.

Was very helpful, would respond to any questions i had and at the end got me a really good deal that worked for me. Will definitely refer anyone i know to him.

D. M.

Knowledgeable and reasonable.

R. R.

Genaro R. Cortez did an awesome job. He got me the results I was hoping for and I am very grateful.

L. C.

Genaro ,iso un muy buen travajo en mi caso es muy profecional, gracias por todo.


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San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Genaro R. Cortez writes about when a person should consider pleading guilty to a crime.

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